The Holger Kvist Fund administers the design house FREDERIKSGADE 1. Our mission is to support Danish artistic and cultural projects of general interest – among others within Danish design and furniture making – expressing this mission through the house’s exhibitors and activities.

The Holger Kvist Fund itself was established in 2009, while the property at Frederiksgade 1 has been vital in carrying out the fund’s mission since 2013. The design house is named after its address and synergy has become a central keyword in its vision. It is a house where professionalism and a sense of community supports each exhibitor and showroom as an integrated part of a bigger whole.

The house’s historical setting is part of a holistic design story, acting as an international platform where contemporary Danish design presents its continued excellence and status.


Holger H. Kvist (1926-2008) was a visionary and entrepreneurial man. As he established NYT I BO in 1969, it became one of the first and leading furniture stores in Copenhagen. Working with furniture designer Aksel Dahl, he created a collection of sleek, functional and – already back then – sustainably manufactured furniture made in collaboration with some of the era’s leading furniture designers and makers. Holger H. Kvist had a profound passion for Scandinavian furniture design, one he would pass down generations.

It was Holger H. Kvist’s wish to posthumously establish a fund in his name, among other things working to raise the quality and knowledge of Danish design and craft.


NYT I BO’s own collection of functional and minimalist wooden furniture was a trendsetter ahead of its time, a heritage today carried on through the furniture brand NYT I BO. The collection was relaunched in 2020 with the ambition of continuing Holger K. Kvist’s vision of democratic and durable design manufactured with honest, high-quality materials. The NYT I BO furniture store closed its doors in 2021, but the furniture brand lives on and evolves, with FREDERIKSGADE 1 as its base, where the heritage is in close, familiar hands.


Our mission is expressed in many ways at FREDERIKSGADE 1. Among others, we collaborate with young talents that would benefit from an exclusive and professional framework and setting to temporarily exhibit in, gaining attention for their work.

“On behalf of Ukurant, I would like to thank FREDERIKSGADE 1 for graciously lending us the space. It really contributed to an exhibition we could only ever dream of. The feedback has been overwhelming and culminated in a prize from the Danish Arts Foundation, who described Ukurant as:

‘A show of power which will shake us all and give the courage to step outside of the familiar paths – although beautiful and safe, will make us go in circle – out onto new terrain and into the future.’

For this, we thank you, as the exhibition would never have become the same without your help.”


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