FREDERIKSGADE 1 is a house where community and synergy goes hand in hand with the ambition to enhance the natural networking opportunities that arise from being under the same roof. The house is an international window out to the world at large, where Danish art, craft and design excellence finds a convincing platform to expose its continued allure.

The design house FREDERIKSGADE 1 frames Danish design. We provide a framework for communication, exposure and presentation of historical and iconic furniture designers as well as contemporary design brands and talents. A unified narrative where each exhibitor presents an individual story in a larger context, thereby writing a new and relevant chapter in Danish design history together.


The design house FREDERIKSGADE 1 is situated on a Classicist square whose history presents itself in every meticulous detail of the high ceilings, staircases and walls of our elegant spaces. The building was ordered by the merchant C. F. Tietgen and raised at the end of the 1880s. Framing the corner of Store Kongensgade and Frederiksgade, the square lies at the heart of historic Frederiksstaden in central Copenhagen, where the grand Marble Church meets the newly opened metro station at its base. Moving through the building, one senses the past’s grandeur as well as a new story being written.


The square at Frederiksgade is home to the Holger Kvist Fund and the design house FREDERIKSGADE 1, both working to promote Danish design. The fund is responsible for the physical and architectural framework, while FREDERIKSGADE 1 preserves the particular spirit of and synergy between the regular exhibitors inhabiting the showrooms and studios. Exhibitors are chosen on the basis of their focus on quality, ambition and ability to take part in and live up to the design house’s fundamental values of diversity and interaction .


Activities across the building are reported to chair of the board Ingrid Heltberg Hjerresen on a daily basis, as she strives to align these with the ethos and philosophy of FREDERIKSGADE 1. Alongside director Marianne Sofie Foster, the pair curates exhibitions at the house and work closely to ensure that its activities comply with its fundamental values, developing and cementing its position.

FREDERIKSGADE 1 is a unique design house where regular exhibitors contribute – alone and together – to creating focus and good business. It is impressive to witness, that so many achieve great success within our concept and framework. A concept that is grounded in a belief in a high level of quality, great diversity and a willingness to see opportunities for synergy, believing in trust and collaboration. The house provides a relevant and strong historical and contemporary context for modern Danish quality design, and we are thrilled to – in past, present and future – to live side by side in showrooms and studios as well as the galleries’ ever-changing exhibitions.”

Ingrid Heltberg Hjerresen

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